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Sererra Solutions to Biggest Challenges Facing Rental Equipment Companies


The enterprise segment perched on the edge of the so-called fiscal cliff follows drastic measures to curtail excessive capital expense in lieu of affordable products and services available on a subscription basis. Business organizations and industries need to maximize the potential of their working capital to survive the competitive economic landscape. In this context, rental equipment companies have taken the center stage in providing high-value and expensive equipment as an OpEx solution to cutting capital costs.


Postmodern Cloud ERP: Key Drivers and Cloud Migration Concerns


Cloud ERP is on the very pinnacle of Gartner’s vaunted “hype cycle”, and is progressing through the “slope of entitlement” phase with the cloud-borne enterprise market migrating core ERP deployments to the cloud at unprecedented rates. Cloud ERP adoption in 2014 as the Year of Cloud ERP is actually faster than Gartner’s predictions according to the research firm’s recent survey that finds 47 percent of the responding organizations will move core ERP systems to the cloud over the next five years.


New Fixed Assets and Invoice Delivery Extensions for Intacct

Intacct Advantage 2014

Intacct Advantage 2014 is almost here and we're excited to announce a number of new features for Fixed Assets, RecurSoft and AR Automation Tools.


Fastener Industry Holds Niche Market for ERP, CRM, VMI & eCommerce Software

NetSuite's All inclusive platform

Who knew the conference traditionally known as the Mecca of the fastener industry held a niche market for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM), Vendor Managed Inventory and eCommerce software systems? 


5 Must-Do Digital Marketing Workflows For eCommerce Stores

sererra ecommerce resized 600

How Successful eCommerce Stores Leverage the Internet

Most transaction eCommerce sites focus on increasing the number of fruitful transactions on their website. To bring customers to their stores at a time when competition is so fierce, you have to go all out. Marketers are increasingly relying on digital marketing to bring more relevant visits to their online stores.


How Intacct Brings Best Practices on Finance for Small Businesses

intacct training

Working with Intacct: Best Practices on Finance for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, you may have find yourself wondering about your cash flow and how to manage it. Since small businesses usually do not have a lot of personnel, it is not always easy to manage financials on top of everything else. Time and again, management gurus have stressed on the importance of managing cash flow in small businesses.  Before you begin working with your finances, you should know what is available for SMEs in terms of finance. Fortunately, you now have Intacct to help you.


Made for Intacct -- Part 1: 4 Sererra Business Solutions You Should Consider

Intacct Bundles

Made for Intacct -- Part 1: 4 Sererra Business Solutions You Should Consider

Sererra Consulting Group, LLC, is an industry leader in Green IT cloud business process and technology management solutions. Sererra has long regaled businesses with cutting edge technology solutions. If you are a business who has been using Intacct for your financial management, here are some business solutions that you should definitely consider:


5 Ways Business Intelligence Prepares You For Profit Windfall

Screen Shot 2014 01 14 at 1.02.44 PM

5 Ways Business Intelligence Prepares You For Profit Windfall

Managers and business owners have historically used their own intelligence to run their businesses. It was effective as long as the business was small enough to be managed manually. However, as businesses grow and branch out, they need a little more than the human intelligence of a few people.


How to Streamline Month-End Account Reconciliation

Screen Shot 2014 01 14 at 12.30.09 PM

General Ledger Account Reconciliation

The month-end closing process can be very time consuming. Accounting is complex and there are thousands of ways to combine accounts, departments, locations and other attributes. Many of those combinations are not valid, but in many cases, built-in validation won't prevent a user from entering them.


Social Media Dead-end: What Won't Work for Your Business?


The rise of social media in business has been huge and there are no two ways about it. Social media is so huge that major brands along with one-person businesses try to incorporate it into their operations. 

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