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Postmodern Cloud ERP: Key Drivers and Cloud Migration Concerns


Cloud ERP is on the very pinnacle of Gartner’s vaunted “hype cycle”, and is progressing through the “slope of entitlement” phase with the cloud-borne enterprise market migrating core ERP deployments to the cloud at unprecedented rates. Cloud ERP adoption in 2014 as the Year of Cloud ERP is actually faster than Gartner’s predictions according to the research firm’s recent survey that finds 47 percent of the responding organizations will move core ERP systems to the cloud over the next five years.


Three NetSuite Custom Software Modules You Need to Know About

Sererra NetSuite

At Sererra, we are all about bridging or integrating cloud technology with business, which is expected to be a future-proof marriage that bears immense success.  Our products are cloud-based, we are as green as we can get, and our management expertise grows exponentially over time. Our core areas of expertise include business process engineering, custom software development and integration of cloud-based solutions for businesses. It just so happens, however, that we don’t always get a chance to talk about all of our service offerings and products. This week, we thought it’d be a great idea to introduce a few technology integrations and custom developed software programs built by Sererra on the NetSuite platform. Here are three modules that can change the way you do business: 


Three Ways Sererra Helps You Manage Events Through NetSuite

Event Management

Even though many of your customers are now found online, events (whether virtual or physical) are still a great way to reinforce your brand image. Training events are also a great way to offer additional education to clients about your products and services, or offer companywide education to your employees. In fact, Alex Honeysett of The Daily Muse notes that events can make for an effective strategy to increase brand exposure and share your key messages. They are still the best possible way to engage with your target audience. Here are some great tips to get you started with efficient event and training management:


NetSuite ECommerce Apps You Can’t Miss: A Quick Glance

Product Quick View

NetSuite is a strong tool on its own, but companies can also add apps to enhance the productivity of their NetSuite implementation. Thanks to, we have a steadily growing list of powerful applications for a wide variety of industries. As a preferred partner for NetSuite, our team constantly works on creating custom apps to improve business functions and enhance how your company uses NetSuite. Here’s a quick look at some of our apps on the directory:


What Do You Need Before Setting Up An eCommerce Site?

sererra green it ecommerce

eCommerce is big business. In an earlier post, we mentioned that eCommerce pulls in billions. As such, everything about your eCommerce business depends on the reliability, upkeep, maintenance, uptime, responsiveness, utility and design of your website. For marketing purposes, there’s also a need for out-of-the-box SEO readiness. 


Four Simple Must-Haves for Any ECommerce Site

green it ecommerce

Today, technology seems to know no bounds – it’s hard to keep up with new and emerging technologies. As a business with eCommerce goals, you’re under tremendous pressure to adapt and change – as compared to any other business model – simply because eCommerce is also at the forefront of commerce and trade.


Six Ways to Increase Sales on your eCommerce Sites

sererra netsuite webcomponents

Conversions on eCommerce sites are much more difficult than what could be achieved from inside a store.  If the statistics from are anything to go by, the industry averages for eCommerce site conversions are paltry at a 2.2% conversion rate. In fact, the best performing eCommerce sites only average a 12% conversion rate. The mere act of optimizing website conversions can help increase profits by a healthy 33%. Here are some time-tested ways to push more sales off your eCommerce venture:


Five Ecommerce Mistakes That Hurt

ecommerce and sererra green it

In today’s Groupon era where customers chase deals and at a time when the recessional economy seems to be eating away into your sales, eCommerce still prevails. Some eCommerce sites, however, are ineffective sales tools and don’t convert nearly as much as they should. The O’Reilly Radar claims that an average eCommerce site suffers a 70% shopping cart abandonment rate. Here are a few mistakes that might hurt you bad enough:


Four Top Reasons for Using NetSuite

netsuite crm

Quickbooks is good for individuals and very small businesses. As business grows, the demands on your financial and accounting system also do.


Five Ways to Leverage Facebook For Your Business

facebook and sererra green it

Given the rate at which Facebook is growing, your business can’t help but put up a business Fan Page. With over 850 million members and counting, Facebook is a must-have tool in your overall marketing strategy. The more fans you have, the more interaction, engagement and conversation will happen. Many of those fans will convert and become valuable customers. 

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