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Social Media Dead-end: What Won't Work for Your Business?


The rise of social media in business has been huge and there are no two ways about it. Social media is so huge that major brands along with one-person businesses try to incorporate it into their operations. 


Build Customer Trust With the Help of CRM Software: Part 1

Customer Trust

Here’s an important question: Why should customers buy from you? The responses to this question often revolve around the length of time companies have been in business, the previous success of the business or exciting reviews and popularity. You might also come up with answer such as the following:


How to Integrate Social Media Campaigns with


Many businesses today find it difficult to create profitable social media strategies. The challenge is to engage individuals and businesses on social media platforms, but also be able to sell your own products and services when appropriate. How should businesses differentiate between when they should create social media content and when they should be focused on selling? Salesforce has plenty of apps that you can use to help solve this problem. There are also many helpful web-based, fully functional tools that integrate with Here are some apps and tools we think you should use with your Salesforce instance: 


How NetSuite ECommerce Stores Can Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Social media

Social media is mainstream now. With the surge in online ad spending, TV and print are slowly losing their appeal as the best avenues for marketing. According to James Dohnert of, who referred to Neilson’s Global Adview Pulse Report, global ad spending surged by 7.2% in the first half of 2012. also reported that Google makes $100 million in search advertising every day. This is just a glimpse of how vast internet marketing has become. It is important to keep in mind that social media works only with your inputs. When you give, you shall receive. This concept and practice can sometimes be tricky. Social media marketing can also take a significant amount of time. Since social media isn’t as straightforward as direct online marketing methods, such as PPC or banner advertising, it tends to be ignored. NetSuite eCommerce stores, or eCommerce stores in general, can especially benefit from a social media presence, but oftentimes tend to ignore the opportunity, or make mistakes in execution. Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes:


2013 Marketing Checklist: CRM Software, Social Media and More!

2013 new year marketing

We, at Sererra, would like to wish all our readers, clients, partners and vendors a very prosperous New Year! The New Year ushers in a rush of resolutions, planning and almost frantic excitement over what’s to come and how this year will turn out. As a business, we know that marketing is always a difficult challenge; we also know some great ways to successfully face this challenge.  There are some steps you can take to easy your marketing troubles. This year, you can take these steps to create new opportunities for your business. Here are a few items off a checklist that we thought would apply to most businesses (please feel to change the items specific to your own business needs):


Three Ways Social Media Buttons Can Hurt Your ECommerce Solutions

Social Media

We recently wrote a post about the importance of social media for your web business (whether your business is strictly an eCommerce store, or a business with just a presence online). We reiterated the need for placing social buttons strategically in order to maximize social sharing. Whether you are running your web store on Magento, NetSuite ECommerce solutions or any other platform, social media buttons might sometimes hurt your user experience and backfire.


6 Tips on How to Make Your YouTube Channel Work for You


YouTube is the universal, “go-to”, social media platform that allows anyone with passion, intent and purpose to share their opinion in video format. Did you know that about 60 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every hour? There is a wide range of subject matter that can be found in these videos, such as news updates, movie excepts, music videos, random montages and even business tutorials. According to Jeff Bullas, an online marketing guru, over 4 billion videos are viewed every day. Yet another fun fact: YouTube receives 800 million unique viewers every day.


Social Sharing Buttons on Your ECommerce Solutions

Social Media Share

If you have a presence online, whether it is a complete online business such as a NetSuite eCommerce site or an offline business with an online presence, there’s a dire need to go social. Going social is not limited to your blog posts, whitepapers and free reports, which are probably already incorporated into your marketing strategy. Going social has become increasingly aggressive in the industry; you should be very aware and place your social sharing buttons strategically.


Four Ways to Enhance Sales on Your ECommerce Solutions


There’s a reason why Apple stores are particularly effective when it comes to conversions. Apple stores don’t have pushy salespeople. They allow you to pick up products, see live demonstrations and play with any of their gadgets. The sales people are not there to coerce you into a sale. Not to mention that they have their merchandise displayed in an appealing and organized way.


How to Reach Expert Lead Generation with CRM Software

Lead Generation

Lead generation, while it might sound simple, is every marketer’s struggle. Businesses can’t live without it and marketers must do everything they can to make it happen.

Today, a plethora of tools exist to aid in this process, and information should be at everyone’s fingertips.  However, lead generation still remains as much of a headache as it was a decade ago. Marketers are now armed with sophisticated CRM tools, social media management solutions, and talented employees, but how do they leverage all of these assets?

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